The Getty Center The Getty Center

The Getty Center, named for J. Paul Getty, sits high on a hill at the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains with incredible views of Los Angeles. This large site contains a museum, a research institute, and a beautiful garden. The buildings are of a modern design that incorporates natural light and creates unique outdoor spaces.

Griffith Observatory Griffith Observatory

A public observatory owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles for the benefit of all. Located on Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, the Observatory offers a planetarium, exhibits, public telescopes, cafe, bookstore, and the best views of the Los Angeles basin.

Runyon Canyon Park Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles and often shows up on publishers' lists of best hikes in LA. This 130-acre dog park is located in Hollywood on the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains, providing hikers with a few overlapping loops and great views over Hollywood.